Making Concrete Garden Benches

Aug 21st

Concrete garden benches – Placing a place to sit in your yard or garden is for people to sit, relax and enjoy. You can buy a bank in a store, but you can also do it yourself. One of the ways to build one is by using concrete. A concrete bench gives a rustic beauty to your garden while providing a place to sit and is more resistant to weather factors than wood or iron. Design the bench by drawing it on paper or using your computer. For a simple project, start with a box shape to avoid intricate details and complicated steps. Build a mold for the bench using melamine and based on your design. Using this material ensures that the finish is smooth. Cut the melamine using the table saw. To create a rectangular mold, cut two pieces 28 inches high and 12 inches wide. Then, cut two larger pieces 28 inches in height and 36 inches wide. Clam the pieces into a box with no base or lid.

Smart Concrete Garden Benches
Smart Concrete Garden Benches

Mark the land where you are going to install the concrete garden benches. Then, dig a hole about 3 inches deep, 36 inches wide and 12 inches wide. Then level and compact the ground using a hand pump. Check all sides of the ground using a level. Place the mold into the hole. Verify that it is level. Take two 2 x 4-inch woods and cut them into pieces that you will use to hold the mold. Dig several small holes to place them. Use a rubber mallet to insert them into the holes. Strain them to the outside of the mold. This serves so that the mold can contain the concrete without disassembling.

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Mix the concrete using a shovel or a rented mixer. You will need about five bags of 20 kg concrete. Dump the concrete into the mold. Use the wood left over to level the top. This will allow the concrete to sink faster and remove the surplus if you overreact. Use a shovel and a float to match the surface. Allow the mixture to cure and dry. This can take between 2 and 3 days, depending on the weather. Remove the wood support and mold. You may have to dig the ground to remove all parts. Clean the surface by flushing with a hose. Paint the concrete garden benches using concrete paint. You can use the bank after 24 hours.