New Ideas Diy Blue Sideboard

Oct 23rd

Blue sideboard – We will decorate a simple sideboard of pine wood obtaining furniture of aspect aged of blue color. Main piece today is this pine wood sideboard. Let’s leave it imprint of time, ie, let avejentarlo . For this we will need to wax it, paint it and sand it. We will also get vintage style furniture. Starting from a rustic style pine wood sideboard we are going to get an elegant and current piece. After removing hardware we will apply wax on sideboard. Wax will be applied in certain areas such as drawers or countertop: areas of greatest wear. Thus, thanks to wax, after painting can give a worn look in those areas and paint will come easier.

Glossy Blue Sideboard
Glossy Blue Sideboard

Next, apply paint all over furniture. In this case chosen color will be a deep blue. As it is a painting that grabs well, applying a hand will suffice. As we want to give dresser a more aged look, next thing will be to sand it. We will use sandpaper of medium grain and fine grain. First to spend surfaces and second to give a good finish. Next step will consist of coating bottom of blue sideboard with tin plates. First apply a few points of mounting adhesive. Next we will spread adhesive well with a brush and then fix plates. Press plates well so that they remain firmly fixed and acquire lower form of piece of furniture.

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It will also be necessary to give a change to hardware. Hinges will be painted entirely with metallic enamel and in case of handles, only base. When they are dry, they will have to be fixed again in place. To make furniture look even older, we will apply whole surface of blue sideboard with bitumen of judea and turpentine. In areas where there is excess bitumen of judea with turpentine, it will have to be removed with a rag. Next we will place different hardware in place: all hinges and handles. Finally, we will apply wax throughout furniture. In this way, in addition to protecting it will also get a very beautiful natural shine.

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