Wooden Entry Way Shelf

Oct 19th

Entry Way Shelf – If your house has high ceilings, surely you have considered taking advantage of that space in some way. The shortage of square meters of the current homes, we have to engineer them to obtain extra storage places. Storing canned food in your kitchen cabinets is useful, but it is not the most efficient way to use space. You’ll often find old cans in the back of the cabinets. This shelf system is very easy to build and will help you solve the problem by rotating the cans. Taking advantage of the height of more is a good idea, but when there is a door underneath there may be problems.

Entry Way Shelf Storage
Entry Way Shelf Storage

Placing shelves that reach the ceiling is a practical and decorative idea, very suitable for houses with high ceilings. The problem arises when they are placed on a door, an element that is not static, and opens and closes. A gust of air, a sudden gesture can cause a door slam, make the shelf above it vibrate and the items it contains fall. If it is delicate objects that break easily, our entry way shelf will have become a dangerous element. In the case of the entrance door to the dwelling, especially if it is a single-family, the effect can be doubly disastrous, since the cold air from outside is more likely to stagger the objects on it and give a unique welcome to our visitor.

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Nor do we recommend this solution in children’s rooms, as they often keep their things in any way, and it is easy that if they have an unstable position fall and cause accidents. In the case of gaps without doors that communicate different rooms of the house, there are no problems of slamming, but we have to make sure that the entry way shelf is wide enough to contain the objects we expose, and when we place them, avoid placing them on the edge.

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